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Welcome to Hockey Factory Shop. As a part of the Sports Factory Shop Group we have over 25 years experience as a specialist sports retailer. That means we can use our expertise to bring you amazing products, prices and customer service.

We are an ever evolving company based in Leicester. Although we started as a small field hockey mail order catalogue, we have now grown to offer an even bigger range of products through our online channels, which includes our individual Rugby and Netball sites.

We are of course still growing, and we are working on new ventures in Hockey and Rugby protection and in the school sector. All of this will let us continue bringing you incredible ranges and service.

We are also part of the team working with the University of Leicester to provide stylish and personalised Canterbury kit for all of the Team Leicester sports teams.

And we don't want to stop there. If you're looking for a set of personalised hoodies, somewhere to print your new t-shirt design or someone to help you build a whole team kit, then look no further. Just get in touch and let us know how we can help.

So from Grays Sticks to Canterbury Skorts and Osaka Hoodies to Adidas Backpacks, we have everything a hockey player could need.

We combine this huge range of stock and services with fantastic customer service, social media competitions, voucher codes, and all round great value. You can even sign up to our newsletter to make sure you don't miss out on what Hockey Factory Shop has to offer.

Hockey Factory Shop is a registered trade mark number UK00003118518




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